Heres starting at the beginning, I met my husband about 6 months aftermonths he had completed his chemotherapy, killing off any lymphoma cells that might not have been cut out of his neck, also irreparably damaging the cells that make sperm. 6 years later, we are married I have completed an art degree, we are in our own home and both have good jobs. Hubby got told his sprem had returned, so we tried for about a year, then contacted the fertility clinic. H has sperm frozen there as it was preempted that his fertility would be affected. As far as we know my fertility is fine, my periods are regular, with mild cramps on the first 2 days of it, my bmi is good, I don’t smoke, I am under 35 though I have never been pregnant.

I was attracted to H as soon as I saw him, and fell in love quickly and even though I was aware of the fact that he might have issues with fertility I had this really strong feeling that I wanted him to be the father of my children. Luckly he wanted this too.


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