The First Cycle

The First Cycle

Here in NZ we get 2 publicly funded ivf cycles.

The end of November 2014 I started injections for ivf, 150 units of puregon in the evenings, after bloodtests and an ultrasound showing about 18 folicals between 15mm and 18mm, stared cetrotide, we had the egg collection which got us 12 eggs, I went on utrogestan pesaries, 9 of them were mature enough to be fertilized with H’s fresh sperm (not the frozen), 5 divided and kept going, here in NZ you dont get the option for 2 to be transfered to start off with so 1 got transfered, only 1 lasted to be a blastocyst and was frozen.

My fresh 3 day embryo did not take, I had a bit of pain during the 2 week wait, which I put down to the egg collection. And my period started about 3 days before the blood test.
I have been pretty sad about this, and getting quite grumpy towards my work mate who doesn’t shut up about her kids, and generally feeling a little hopeless.

All in all the hormones didn’t really change my moods at all, I was having pain before and after egg collection, I didnt feel stressed or anxious, I just went with the flow, untill it failed, then got moody.


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