Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer

These past few weeks I have been going through the process of a frozen embryo transfer or FET. H and I only had one that lasted long enough to be frozen as a blastocyst, so we had to get through christmas then wait for the clinic to open again. My period came about Monday the 9th of Feb an dI started taking little blue estradiol tablets 3 times a day, after about aweek and a half I had a blood test, then another the next day and the day after that I was taking those oh so lovely (yucky) pesaries 3 times a day. Through these hormones I have felt totally normal, the day of the transfer, last Thursday, I wake up with a headache, the nurse called at about lunch time and told me the transfer was going ahead, and that I needed a full bladder, I literally jumped for joy and proceeded to dance about to my phone and text H to tell him our embryo had survived the defrosting process and we needed to be at the clinic at 1:30. So H comes home from work, I had drunken my glass and a half of water, get to the clinic, the ultrasound shows my endometrium is nice and thick, the hormones worked, and the transfer went ahead.

Right now I’m am on what every ivf-er calls the 2 week wait or 2ww, I don’t have to wait quite so long because my embryo was 5/6 days old, my bloods are on Friday, 3 days away. I have felt normal, no symptoms.
The FET has been so much quicker and less hassle, no mixing of solutions and self injecting, less blood tests and ultrasounds. Our clinic nurses, embryologists, and specialists are all really nice.

Though yesterday morning I had spotting.


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