5am A&E Visit. (Warning contains blood)

5am A&E Visit. (Warning contains blood)

Oh wow talk about drama, at 3am I got up to pee and there was a lot of blobs of thick blood, congealed I guess, so I went back to bed with the plan to call the nurse in the morning.

Still no cramps.

Got up at 5am to start getting ready for work and on my  way to the kitchen I have to rush to the toilet because I’ve got blood running down my leg. A whole lot of blood gushed out and more thick dark blood, so I got H to take me to A&E (accident and emergency/ED), got asked heaps of questions,  had bloods taken, and waited an hour, the Dr thought it might be a miscarriage, then the blood work came back as really good, my hcg is where it should be to still be pregnant.

Got breakfast on the way home, hotcakes… they forgot to give me syrup.

At 10 I go in to the early pregnancy clinic at the hospital and they will do an ultra sound and exam.

Oh the fun of being pregnant!


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