Still Bleeding

Still Bleeding

I am full of worry due to the fact I’m still bleeding, and it has gotten a little heavier, not as heavy as a period though. No craps though which is a good thing. If it is heavier again tomorrow I will ring the nurses back. She did say to do that, and they might be able to do a scan earlier.

Other that that, life has been ok, had a few nasty headaches, blatantly lied to Mum and MIL, so we can surprise them at a later date, hopefully the bleeding will have stopped.

I am so glad it is nearly the weekend, I have been so tired at work.

There are 2 other ladies at work expecting, both in their first trimester, 2 others gave birth with in the last 3 months. Such a fertile place to be. Though I guess you get that in retail where at lease 70 percent of the workers are women.


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