More Waiting

More Waiting

So, last Thursday H and I went to our consultation, it was basicly to wrap up our last treatment and go over our options, which was all fine, the specialist said we will go on with pretty much the same recipy as last time; one problem they are being outsourced to a private fertility organization, which means little will change for us but we can’t book a time to start the next treatment for several months.
I have been told to keep in touch though, at the start of each period I should ring the nurses there and see if we can book, the specialist said it could be 3 months or more, and our last treatment took about 8 months from booking.
So in other words I have little to no chance of getting treatment this year.

We did ask lots of questions while we were there though, some regarding H’s sperm, what is the issue with it? How likely would it be to get pregnant naturally?
The specialist flicked through the folder and found the analysis form and was a little surprised, telling us that although the count was low and some had bad motility that H has gone from 0% fertility to about 40% and that there is a chance we could get pregnant naturally.

So, lots of uncertainty and I guess it won’t hurt to keep trying, and keeping in touch.


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