We Have a Natural Plan!

We Have a Natural Plan!

A new part of the journey to get pregnant has started, H had another semen test and it came back pretty much normal, a little low but better than the last test. I have brought some ‘pre seed’ from the chemist, and a whole bunch of ovulation LH tests a basal thermometer and pregnancy HCG tests from ebay (these are yet to arrive).

I have ovulated since we got the news that H’s sperm might be ok, and used the ‘pre seed’ one time. Already I am going nuts about the fact that I MIGHT be pregnant, and have been reading heaps of stuff online and searching things like “7dpo achy and tired”, yet fearful that yes it might all just be in my head.

So, if my menstruation does arrive next week I am going to be all prepared, I will print out a calender and track stuff. I am actually curious to see if I do ovulate when I think I do, as I get that mid cycle pain nearly every month.

Oh the fun of bodily functions.


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