Cycle Tracker “OvuView”

Cycle Tracker “OvuView”

This cycle I have been using an app on my tablet to track stuff relevant to ovulation, mainly to keep track of my basal temperature, but there are lots of other trackable things like mood, cervical mucus, LH tests results, etc

I found free one in the app store called OvuView, it’s been making my temperature readings into a little graph for me, I have been recording more than that but yeah, heres an example of my graph:

I have removed alot of the statistics I’ve been tracking as you guys don’t really need to know when I’m doing the baby dance or how often I get headaches. What you can see however is my 5am temperature readings for this cycle, yes I get up at 5am, when my menstruation was, my predicted fertile period, and the flower with the tick means LH tests, which I started doing way too early, but I’m like that with tests.

So yes, as you can see I have not yet ovulated but I am due to in the next few days. Still very curious to see if I do ovulate when I think I do. I will add another update in a few days to show you if my temperature raises, which I am predicting it will.


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