Trying Again…

Trying Again…

This month, H is on some vitamins and minerals,  Menevit the male equilivant of what I take, elevit, was sold out locally and online within nz. So H is on a mens multivitamin and something called garlic plus, which also has zinc and vitamin c.

Another thing we are trying this month is robutussin for the guaiphenesin,  from what I have read it effects all the mucous membranes and works on both men and women, and it loosens up/thins mucous. The reason I have suggested H take it is because just between you and me his ejaculate is almost the consistency of the gum they use to stick freebees to the covers of magizines (ok I am exaggerating but you get the idea, thick and sticky). From what I have read I’m hopeing the more fluid the better motility.  I don’t know…

So why not, the dosage isn’t being exceeded.

My actual basal thermometer arrived about the 20th of last month, and you can really tell looking at the graph, the thermometer I was using was just a regular one. See the difference:



5 thoughts on “Trying Again…

  1. Good luck!! Where did you order your basal thermometer from? I am going to get one but didn’t even realise there were special ones!


    1. Yes there are, they are more accurate, mine seems to take a lot longer for a reading than a normal one and it is accurite to an extra number ie: 00.00, the one I got is a “professional bbt thermometer” off ebay (sorry tried to post a link but my tablet won’t let me)

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