Contact with the Fertility Clinic

Contact with the Fertility Clinic

Again, last month was unsuccessful, however H took his sample in and after ringing nearly every day for a week to try to get the results and tell them I had had my period, he finally got hold of someone that told him that they had no idea what happened to his results but that I should ring in on the start of my next period. It seems in the change over from the public hospital being in charge of the clinic and nz fertility associates taking over some info got lost.

My mensturation started yesterday the on call nurse told me to ring this morning as she couldn’t help me out being Sunday, I managed to get hold of the clinic today and the nurse started talking about a med that I apparently should have already have but when she said dont take the orange ones some recognition clicked and again I get to tell the nurse how the migraines I get prevent me from taking the contraceptive pill due to increased stroke risk.

If I had a dollar for everytime I have had to tell someone at this clinic that I can’t take the contraceptive pil, I could buy my self a rather fancy peice of cake at a cafe.

It was a little bit of a shock that my treatment was potentially about to start right away with no prior warning, but thankfully I get to wait 27 days now due to no pill, and I can warn my employer that I will need some time off etc.

So yes other than being a little flustered over a lack of communication, I am actually very grateful and getting excited again.

Sad news about a  month ago my sister inlaw had an ectopic pegnancy, she is ok but still quite upset, I guess keeping up with a 2 year old little girl and having a loving husband is helping her deal with the loss


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