Egg Collection or…”The Harvest”

Egg Collection or…”The Harvest”

After just over a week of self injecting puregon and then cetrotide and even doing it in the middle of no where after a days 4 wheel driving to a lake surounded by towers of shist and tussock grass, I have had my egg collection.

It was much better the first time they did it when they sedated me and I have no memory of it, this time because the clinic hands they went with some other drugs where I was awake for it all and it was awful.

They did get 8 eggs though from 11 folicals.

Last time it was 12  from 18 folicals.

Tomorrow we find out how many fertilized,  because of H’s sperm quality it has to be done by icsi.

But right now I’m chilling with panadine, heat packs,  candy and a big glass of water… yay.. have bled quite a bit, but im told thats normal.


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