The 2 Week Wait Begins, 1dp4dt.

The 2 Week Wait Begins, 1dp4dt.

Yesterday I spent the morning with my friend at her new shop, greeting and chatting with courious cruise ship passengers all the while needle felting.

My afternoon consisted of using those horrible  progesterone pessaries, the waiting to about 3:30pm to go into the clinic for our embryo transfer.

H and I got there and waited about an hour as there was another couple before us. Our turn came,  all went well, the specialist doing it mentioned the polyp and said I should think about having it removed (I asked the other specialist about this at our last consultation… gurrrrr). 1 embryo transferred,  as that is the NZ procedure for publicly funded treatment.

I asked how many had actually survived and all 5 that had been fertilized had made it so far, and we need to ring on Thursday to see how many made it to being frozen.

So 1 day post 4 day transfer, my morning started with a migraine, then tried contacting the nurses to see what pain killers were safe but couldn’t get in touch with them, so googled it and found and after care sheet from an Australian ivf clinic, so following that advice, I safely took some panadeine and went back to sleep.

feeling pretty bored already, I should finish a book I started, or do more crafting, I could even go fishing if I felt adventurous.


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