Feeling Normal… 4dp5dt

Feeling Normal… 4dp5dt

Well the hcg trigger is out of my system, I was using hpts tests to monitor this, I’m feeling pretty normal, aside from the eczema on my hands flaring up into a painful mess.

H and I went to the beach the other day that was nice, there was a leopard seal, which is unusual as they normally hang out closer to Antarctica than here.

H and I are going to Queenstown this evening for a few nights, he will be cutting some trees down at a friends rental property, I will be chilling,  I might help remove some brambles that need to go. Exciting!

I rang tne clinic today to see if they froze any of our embryos, 1 was frozen. We seem to have really low numbers, it leaves me to wonder if it is just us or an NZ thing… 1 is better than none I guess.


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