Scans, Migraines and Bunnies

Scans, Migraines and Bunnies

I had the worst weekend.

Friday 4am, I wake  and I know, from the tight feeling behind my eyes that I’m about to get a migraine, and a bad one at that, so I take my pesaries, and go back to bed, setting an alarm so that I can ring work on time. so I snooze, tell work I can’t come in, now while im awake I ring  a healthline, and ask a nurse what the strongest medication I can take since I’m 8 weeks pregnant, after 20 minutes of questions in a lot of pain at this point she is tryjng to figure out if I have had a stroke or meningitis,  all she can tell me is that I need to see a GP, and to try paracetamol,  and nothing stronger and maybe eat  something.

So I have a bite of a muesli bar, and take some paracetamol and spend the next 6 hours vomiting (I shouldn’t  have eaten) and crying in pain in bed..

Its now about lunch time, I take more paracetamol,  and google to see if panadeine would have been safe (I couldn’t even look at a closed curtian let alkne a computer screen earlier) and look at that panadeine is fine to take while pregnant, you just might get constipated.

That afternoon Dad rings to tell me he has cancer of the tube that connects a kidney to the bladder… =(  he has a scan the same day as my ultrasound, to make sure it hasn’t  spread to his lungs. In January he will have an operation to remove the affected kidney and tube, and I’m assuming he will have chemotherapy. While on the phone I told him that we had gone through a cycle of ivf and it was positive but there have been complications… he didn’t really take in anything I was saying af the time but he did call back Sunday and have a chat about it.


Crappy thing #3: we have rabbits, 4 adults  and one has month old babies, which are so incredibly cute, but scared and cunning. One of these cuties managed to climb up into a roof space in their cage and then get out, I noticed it dissappear when I went to feed them, I searched everywhere to find it, but we also have 3 cats, one of which has had the taste of baby rabbit before, he is also very cunning. Before I cound find the bunny I hear the scream baby rabbits make, but now I can find either the rabbit or the cat, after half an hour of searching I find the both next door, cat looking proud, bunny dying. I put it back with its mother and siblings so it could be in a place it knew was safe to die, so sad. Maverick the cat got growled at but he didn’t understand he had done anything wrong, he was just doing what cats do after all.








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