Bring on 2016 Already

Bring on 2016 Already

Last Friday,  H and I had an ultrasound scan, it wasn’t good,  it showed the embryo hadn’t progressed in 2 weeks since our previous scan and the flicker of a heart beat we saw last time was gone. I haven’t had any more bleeding or cramps.

We had an appointment today to go over our options, and organised that tomorrow I am going to go in  for day surgery to have a D&C. Hopefully all I will have to worry about is some bleeding over Christmas.

It means I won’t be back at work untill after new year, as I had some leave booked from boxing day to the 5th.

I was really upset about all this but am now feeling quite numb, but am glad that it can be sorted out quickly, after having 2 months of being told to expect to miscarry then things look good then bad again.

I’m thinking,  that we should wait a least 6 months before attempting to use our last embryo, maybe find out if H’s sperm is getting better. Oh and they might remove my cervical polyp while they are mucking about down there.



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