Trying Something Else

Trying Something Else

Husband and I have been trying and trying (naturally ) since  I last posted, since everything went bad again, and no results.

After getting totally fed up with having ezcema on my hands I have started reading about going gluten free. While reading I’ve come across lots of stuff saying gluten might also be the reason some women are infertile…

Apparently a gluten free diet might help with migraines also.

People seem to be very critical of diet choices, judging, telling you its not safe to suddenly change, assuming you are going in half cocked. I have done my reading, I do know what gulten is and why it affects some people adversely, no I don’t know if I am celiac or intolerant,  but I don’t really want to go to my Dr.

So I decided to try it out, see if my problems go away with the the gluten, but if it doesn’t even help my ezcema, then I’ll go back.

My plan is to try this for about 3 months, see how I feel, see how hard/ or expensive it really is.


3 thoughts on “Trying Something Else

  1. If it works and you feel better for doing it, then great 🙂 if it doesn’t make you feel better then all you have wasted is a little time. I say, ignore everyone else, listen to your body and have at it 🙂

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  2. I’m doing this too, along with an anti inflammatory diet which is very restrictive. It isn’t easy. My aim is to reduce the elevated TNFa levels in my system – Google that and it might convince you it’s worthwhile! It is NOT tasty though!!!

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