Ok, so I’m back, im not quite sure why I stopped posting, it could have been the migraines I was getting twice a week + or it could have been my tablet was being buggy, either way I got out of the habbit and that was it.

Im 31 weeks now, there have been some ups and downs, my migraines stopped at about 14 weeks, untill Christmas day, then I got 2 I one week again but thats been it. I’ve had 2 bleeds but they were minor and scans showed nothing to worry about. I have had heaps of extra scans, as one early on revealed “debris” in the amniotic fluid, so that ment extra scans. We found out I’m having a boy, and also that he is rather large, so that ment more scans and tests he is currently in the 97th percentile. My midwife if great, keeping an eye on all the potential issues that have been popping up, all my tests are coming back ok which is good, even the 2 glucose tests (was recommended to do both because he is so big).

I have had 2 colds, one of which turned into a sinus infection, the other left me with a cough which I’m just getting over now.

I developed an eye condition known as AZOOR or Acute Zonal Occult Outer Retinopathy, which not much is known about, it means I have circular distortions in my vision.

My hips have been really sore so I am wearing a back and tummy support belt which really helps.

At night because I am normally a back sleeper I wake after about 3 hours sleep on my left side with incredible pain in my ribs and upper back.. this is on going and sucks.

Oh and in the last few days I have learnt a little aboug vericose veins that I am not going to talk about because tmi.

I have nearly finished the baby room! Just need to paint the final wall whicn I had to hold off on because the window needed replacing.

Here are some images of scans and stuff:


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