5 Weeks Left, and My Father is a D##k

5 Weeks Left, and My Father is a D##k

About 2 weeks ago I had an appointment with an obstetrician,  and he pretty much told me what I thought would happen, idealy I would like things to go naturally, however if baby is too big I will be offered either early induction or a c section, depending on how big he is. He also went over what might happen if baby gets stuck, broken collar bones etc. So on the 24th of February I’m off to have a sizing scan.

I was supposed to have a scan last week but I ended up getting a nasty migraine that wouldn’t subside, my hubby too me to the Dr after 10 hours of it and they jabbed me in the but with pethadine (I think that was it ) it made me sick on the way home, but it did help.

Met up with my step sister last weekend, she is organizing a baby show for me, which is really lovely. l haven’t ever actually been to one as none of my friends have had kids.

When recovering from my awful migraine my Dad rang me, and to be honest I am wondering if he had been drinking, because his call started off with him having ago at me about not visiting him, and yes I haven’t visited since he moved to a city 5 hours drive away,  and my annual leave for the past 3 years has been used trying to get the best chances during ivf… and then recoveing after miscarriags… and if I had gone to visit I couldn’t have stayed at his house because its not his house… and I have only had my driving license for 2 years…  then he started going on about his will… then he started telling me that he wanted nothing to do with my unborn child, his future grandson… so I hung up on him, and had a cry, and txt mum and my husband. I have tried to plan a trip to see Dad, but it never financially worked out and my holidays got used up.


Yeah… less than 5 weeks to go now. Only 3 more at work.


One thought on “5 Weeks Left, and My Father is a D##k

  1. That is bad of your Dad 😦 you would have thought he would be more understanding!

    Yay for only a few more weeks to go 🙂 I ended up with a scheduled c-section and loved it. I had time to process all my options as the section was looking likely about a week before I had it (my bub never engaged in my pelvis, no matter what we tried!). I hope you can try naturally though if that is what you want 🙂

    The most important thing to me was immediate skin to skin time and I had it in the OR, best feeling ever, so excited for you to hold that precious boy and just take in his newborn squishyness!


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