HCG Beta chart

HCG Beta chart

Looks pretty good.

Don’t have a time for a scan yet.

I’ve been getting awful 3 day headaches, with nausea =(




Help me… 3 full on  migraines in 2 weeks, the one on sunday was bad enough for hubby to take me to a+e, not much helps, was given some codine, took that with paracetamol at 3:30am for one last night, no relief untill after 6:30am. Still feeling nauseous,  but hungry.

Had some brown spotting over the weekend…


Went to the Dr yesterday,  he said everything sounds normal, don’t have any appointments for scans yet.

Feeling really awful right now, but thats hormones, big fat juicy pregnancy hormones.

All Good so Far

All Good so Far

Everything is going good, as of yesterday my period is late, there has been no bleeding (I had bled by this time with both my miscarriages). The hpts have been getting darker. I’m going to tell my friend today, she is off to  America at the end of the month to stay with her Dad and have iui done, I hope it works for her =)

My symptoms so far have been minimal, sore right boob when I woke up yesterday, a little bit tired and thats it.


Oh  yeah, brought a cute sleeping sack too (pictured)

I Didn’t Think it Would Work so Quickly

I Didn’t Think it Would Work so Quickly

I went gluten free about 6 weeks ago, with hope that my ezcema on my hands would clear up and that it might help me get pregnant.

Well it worked, on both parts, my skin on my hands is no longer a painful bleeding mess, and I have a home pregnancy test that’s got 2 lines showing, all natural no fertility clinic intervention

My plan now is to stay gluten free, eat good foods, take elevit, look after myself and when it is safe to, get tested for celiac. I will continue to eat gluten free as I have read that gulten immune response can lead to miscarriage,  and I have had 2 of them.


So here is the tests, yes I started testing way too early, the one at the bottom(todays) is day 26 of my cycle, I have a 28-29 day cycle.20160705_105222

Edit: I just went out and brought a pack of first response tests:


Trying Something Else

Trying Something Else

Husband and I have been trying and trying (naturally ) since  I last posted, since everything went bad again, and no results.

After getting totally fed up with having ezcema on my hands I have started reading about going gluten free. While reading I’ve come across lots of stuff saying gluten might also be the reason some women are infertile…

Apparently a gluten free diet might help with migraines also.

People seem to be very critical of diet choices, judging, telling you its not safe to suddenly change, assuming you are going in half cocked. I have done my reading, I do know what gulten is and why it affects some people adversely, no I don’t know if I am celiac or intolerant,  but I don’t really want to go to my Dr.

So I decided to try it out, see if my problems go away with the the gluten, but if it doesn’t even help my ezcema, then I’ll go back.

My plan is to try this for about 3 months, see how I feel, see how hard/ or expensive it really is.