A Plan is now in Place

A Plan is now in Place

I have been off work now for almost a week which has been ok, a little boring, have made lots of meals to stash in the freezer.

Early last week we saw an obstetrician, and he went over some stuff gave us some options,  one of which was to wait another week and a bit and have another scan at about 39 weeks, and then make a definite plan, we went with this. The other options at the time were induction at 39 weeks or cesarean section.

Had the scan today, 39 weeks tomorrow,  he was practicing breathing, tummy going in and out (cute!), his head is measuring over 10cm at its widest point… and the estimated weight was 5025g or slightly over 11 pound…  so yes, he has been continuing to go at a consistent rate.

So I get a call from my midwife not long ago, and a cesarean is booked for Monday morning.  This is actually a relief for me as I have been considering both options and was having real difficulty deciding on  which I would pick if given the choice, as both have pros and cons, and I would have been ok with either.

So I’m feeling pretty good, quite calm, but also excited.

Our babys birthday will be one day before his Grandfathers on his Dads side but 60 years apart.

Midwife Visit

Midwife Visit

Saw my midwife on Wednesday,   she is always lovely, she had made up a growth graph, which had  3 lines representing the average and the lower limit and higher limit of normal growth(the 5% and 95% maybe). Our little mans growth was marked with 3 little circles, all distinctly above the top line, he is going to be a big boy, so I am being referred to an obstetrician, just incase there is a need for induction or a c-section. Yes I know that fetal weight estimated buy any means can be wildly inaccurate, but I think being prepared is a good way to be.

She went over my last bloods and suggested I start looking into things like pereneal stretches/massage, then used the doppler to hear the heartbeat which was all good, but was really active, my tummy was jiggling about quite visibly.


Brought some cute things today, just some leggings and a body suit with dump trucks on it  =).