Midwife Visit

Midwife Visit

Saw my midwife on Wednesday,   she is always lovely, she had made up a growth graph, which had  3 lines representing the average and the lower limit and higher limit of normal growth(the 5% and 95% maybe). Our little mans growth was marked with 3 little circles, all distinctly above the top line, he is going to be a big boy, so I am being referred to an obstetrician, just incase there is a need for induction or a c-section. Yes I know that fetal weight estimated buy any means can be wildly inaccurate, but I think being prepared is a good way to be.

She went over my last bloods and suggested I start looking into things like pereneal stretches/massage, then used the doppler to hear the heartbeat which was all good, but was really active, my tummy was jiggling about quite visibly.


Brought some cute things today, just some leggings and a body suit with dump trucks on it  =).



Ok, so I’m back, im not quite sure why I stopped posting, it could have been the migraines I was getting twice a week + or it could have been my tablet was being buggy, either way I got out of the habbit and that was it.

Im 31 weeks now, there have been some ups and downs, my migraines stopped at about 14 weeks, untill Christmas day, then I got 2 I one week again but thats been it. I’ve had 2 bleeds but they were minor and scans showed nothing to worry about. I have had heaps of extra scans, as one early on revealed “debris” in the amniotic fluid, so that ment extra scans. We found out I’m having a boy, and also that he is rather large, so that ment more scans and tests he is currently in the 97th percentile. My midwife if great, keeping an eye on all the potential issues that have been popping up, all my tests are coming back ok which is good, even the 2 glucose tests (was recommended to do both because he is so big).

I have had 2 colds, one of which turned into a sinus infection, the other left me with a cough which I’m just getting over now.

I developed an eye condition known as AZOOR or Acute Zonal Occult Outer Retinopathy, which not much is known about, it means I have circular distortions in my vision.

My hips have been really sore so I am wearing a back and tummy support belt which really helps.

At night because I am normally a back sleeper I wake after about 3 hours sleep on my left side with incredible pain in my ribs and upper back.. this is on going and sucks.

Oh and in the last few days I have learnt a little aboug vericose veins that I am not going to talk about because tmi.

I have nearly finished the baby room! Just need to paint the final wall whicn I had to hold off on because the window needed replacing.

Here are some images of scans and stuff:



Help me… 3 full on  migraines in 2 weeks, the one on sunday was bad enough for hubby to take me to a+e, not much helps, was given some codine, took that with paracetamol at 3:30am for one last night, no relief untill after 6:30am. Still feeling nauseous,  but hungry.

Had some brown spotting over the weekend…


Went to the Dr yesterday,  he said everything sounds normal, don’t have any appointments for scans yet.

Feeling really awful right now, but thats hormones, big fat juicy pregnancy hormones.

I Didn’t Think it Would Work so Quickly

I Didn’t Think it Would Work so Quickly

I went gluten free about 6 weeks ago, with hope that my ezcema on my hands would clear up and that it might help me get pregnant.

Well it worked, on both parts, my skin on my hands is no longer a painful bleeding mess, and I have a home pregnancy test that’s got 2 lines showing, all natural no fertility clinic intervention

My plan now is to stay gluten free, eat good foods, take elevit, look after myself and when it is safe to, get tested for celiac. I will continue to eat gluten free as I have read that gulten immune response can lead to miscarriage,  and I have had 2 of them.


So here is the tests, yes I started testing way too early, the one at the bottom(todays) is day 26 of my cycle, I have a 28-29 day cycle.20160705_105222

Edit: I just went out and brought a pack of first response tests:


Recapping this IVF Cycle

Recapping this IVF Cycle

So I thought I might do a quick recap to put all my complicated experiences with this cycle together.

October 20th: fertility drugs start, I am on 150 puregon in the evenings.

October 24th: I start cetrotide in the morning, as well as the puregon.

October 28th: at 36 hours to go untill my egg collection I take the trigger injection.

October 30th: egg collection,  they used different drugs this time I swear I felt all of it andr remember most of it. They got 8 eggs, 5 were fertilized.

November 3rd: embryo transfer,  we find out that all 5 got this far.

November 6th: find out that only 1 made it to be frozen.

November 10th: Hpt shows a faint second line.

November 11th: bleeding starts, I tell the fertility nurse

November 13th: bleeding at its heaviest,  HCG beta test comes back at 42. The nurse tells me it is low and likely I have already miscarried and my hcg will be coming down.

November 16th: bleeding has stopped today, it was notably decreased the day before,  HCG test came back at 200.

November 20th: HCG come back at 610, spotted a tiny bit in the evening.

November 24th: My work mate has a fit at me, because someone else commented on me not lifing heavy stuff, she then reveals she has assumed that I had miscarried. Spotting in the evening( I swear it was caused by stress of my coworker)

November 26th:HCG came back at 3100, refered by the fertility clinic for an ultra sound.

December 4th: HCG come back at 17500. Utrasound, first topical, showed everything was there, saw a flicker of a heart, the ultrasound technician says it is all very small, she cannot measure a heart rate, so she gets me to go pee and come back for an internal ultrasound,  that shows less.  went to talk with the fertility nurses and get told we will need another scan in about 10 days, and that if I need a D&C, then it can get sorted out before Christmas.

Today: still waiting on the appointment for a second ultrasound, haven’t bled  or spotting anymore. Coworker had a grump and muttered under her breath when I suggested she let me do the lighter part of our  work and she work the pallets this morning…

Over the past few weeks I have been really tired, my boobs hurt, peeing all the time, very infrequently I get moments of mild nausea, have been burping lots after every meal (which doesn’t normally happen) and had a really bad breakout of acne.

Even though the medical professionals are being more practical than positive, I still think this pregnancy has a chance…. all I can do is hope. Oh and follow up and see when my appointment for my second ultrasound is.